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My Solo Recordings


Slammin is a recording I had been wanting to do for a long time, though in many ways I am a jazz purist, my love for pop music and many other styles is something that I felt needed to be documented. This record also gave me an opportunity to orchestrate in a style that was completely mine and unique, borrowing of course from my education at Berklee as well as my many professional experiences throughout the years. Sensational guitarist Bobby Broom is also featured on this CD.

Recent Recordings As Sideman

When I Have Sung My Song To You

A few years ago I met actor Billy Bob Thornton, he had just come off of a tour with his musical group, he was promoting his album Beautiful Door which included a song called ‘It’s Just Me’. I told him I would be interested in doing a jazz orchestral version of the song, he was excited at the prospect and encouraged me to do so. When I was hired by vocalist Steven Lawson to work on his project ‘When I Have Sung My Song To You’, the work on Billy Bob’s song served as inspiration.
When I Have Sung My Song to You

At Long Last George

George Freeman features Chicago's finest jazz musicians including Lloyd Wilson and Kurt EllingGuitarist George Freeman is a legend in Chicago, his brother Von was a internationally renown saxophonist as well. I was thirlled to have the opportunity to record this music with both of them, as well as jazz vocal phenom Kurt Elling. I highly recommend this CD as it is the last recording of Von, and a very spirited performance by George. The edition of Kurt Elling is more than just an upsell, this guy is amazing. I’m also happy to be featured solely on the Hammond B3.
At Long Last George

Black Coffee

Pippi Ardennia 'Black Coffee' with arrangements by Lloyd WilsonChicago based vocalist Pippi Ardennia is an up and coming talent. When she asked me to perform and arrange songs for her recent CD ‘Black Coffee’, I jumped at the opportunity. The recording also features guitarist Bobby Broom, whom you all know, and myself on hammond B3. This recording is very reminiscent of my years working with Arthur Prysock and Betty Joplin, good times then and good times now. This is a recording you’ll be happy to add to your collection.
Black Coffee

With Vocalist Arthur Prysock

A Rockin’ Good Way

A Rockin' Good Way by Arthur Prysock on Milestone Records

Working with Arthur Prysock was like a dream come true, having the opportunity to not only record with him, but to also arrange his music, is something I’ll cherish forever. This is my first album with Arthur and the feeling was good throughout, we had just added vocalist Betty Joplin to the group and her performance on the selection ‘Teach Me Tonight’, helped us to be recognized by the grammy committee in 1986. Along with Red on saxophone this record also featured our working band.
Rockin’ Good Way [Vinyl]

This Guy’s In Love With You

Lloyd Wilson featured with Arthur PrysockOur second album together was a very relaxing and swinging affair, including popular songs and some originals, ‘This Guy’s In Love With You’ was also nominated for ‘Best Jazz Vocal Album’ in 1988′ and also featured brother Red on saxophone. Along with our regular working band including Don Williams on drums, Randy Caldwell on guitar, we were joined again by the talented Betty Joplin to compliment the disc with a couple of soulful ballads and duets.
This Guy’s in Love With You

Today’s Love Songs, Tomorrow’s Blues

Today's Love Songs, Tomorrow's Blues on Milestone Records with guest Hank CrawfordMy third and final recording opportunity was a colaboration between myself and jazz saxophone legend Hank Crawford. Hank is best known as one of the top alto saxophonists, but his arranging skills have been well documented over the years in classic records with Ray Charles, Lou Rawls, and Etta James. Along with Hank, this record also featured drummer Bernard Purdie, guitarist Melvin Sparks, and the wonderful arrangements of Mr. Crawford.
Today’s Love Songs Tomorrow’s Blues

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