Berklee College Of Music – Boston, MA

In 1974 I packed up my bags and moved to the United States, both to further my education and to surround myself with some of the greatest musicians in the world. It was because of my interest in learning to compose and write music for larger ensembles and orchestras that I enrolled in Berklee College of Music, located in Boston MA. I quickly became enamored with the local jazz scene, as well as all the educational opportunities surrounding me. It was in Boston where I was able to work locally playing Jazz Organ at night, while studying piano and orchestration in the classroom in the day. During my time in Boston I met many influential musicians, and established friendships that have lasted to this day. I worked at a club called ‘Wally’s’, along with Chris
Albert on Trumpet, Ricky Ford Saxophone, and Akira Tana drums. Good times, I’ve lived in America ever since.
Berklee classrooms on Boylston St. in Boston, MA

Wally’s Jazz Club – Combat Zone

The Back Bay Orchestra featuring Lloyd Wilson in 1981After the first two weeks at Berklee I heard of a local jazz club called Wallys, upon the recommendation of a fellow student I headed there without hesitation. I sat in for a set and was asked to perform there every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Six months into the gig I took another engagement in what was known then as ‘the combat zone’, a district that was just south of the Boston Commons. The combat zone was where go-go bars and strip clubs were located, and every strip club had a Hammond B3, a drummer, and sax player. The Living Room, Teddybear Jeromes, Two O’clock Lounge, were just a couple of the clubs back then, and they were jumpin’. It was around that time I met the assistant Dean at New England Conservatory, he was conducting a 60 piece orchestra performing the music of Marvin Gaye, he invited me to be the pianist. We performed concerts for PBS, as well as local engagements and school concerts. I graduated from Berklee in 1981and after completing my studies, I assembled a 40 piece orchestra to showcase some of my work, I called it ‘The Back Bay Orchestra’.

The Back Bay Orchestra 1981

Lloyd rehearsing with the Berklee Orchestra 1981

Rehearsing With The Student Band

The Back Bay Orchestra featuring Lloyd Wilson in 1981

The Concert In The Berklee Performance Center

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