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  • The first video is taken from the Regis Philbin Show in 1986, appearing here with Arthur Prysock. The accompanying background music was arranged by myself and added to the track at a later time.

  • Selection number two is music I wrote for the Millenium Park Secton of Chicago, a very fun and rewarding project.

  • The third selection was taken from a concert in Chicago with guitar great Henry Johnson, we performed for a local community group and as you can see, everyone enjoyed themselves as we presented our music.

  • This final video on the playlist is from a television show in my hometown of Barbados, it was a wonderful experience to go back and perform with the local musicians.

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    • Hello Lloyd Wilson!
      I found your name when looking for the Vineria in the internet.
      If you remember our short meeting on the plane from Munich to Nuremberg?
      It was a great pleasure for me – and now I will order a CD with your music.
      Thank you so much for talking – God bless you!
      Sincerely – Angela

      Angela Engelhardt November 4, 2015
    • Hello Lloyd , It was great having you entertain us last night at Gibson’s (I was the Puerto Rican guy that new a lot of the songs ) your biography is quite impressive , your incredible ! Wondering if you played on Arthur Prysocks recording of when love is new ? One of my all time favorite songs . Let me know Cya soon at Gibson’s . Good Luck Ruben

      Ruben Soto April 12, 2018
    • Hello Lloyd, for whatever reason you came to mind this evening, Dec 12, 2018….and then of course GOOGLE led me to your web site…great to see the photos, hear bits of your music, and to read a little of what you have been doing, all of which takes me way back to great musical memories in the early days in Barbados…I still live in Toronto but spend time in Barbados when the cold chases me away….hope to bounce up with you again, perhaps when we least expect it, in the not too distant future…
      Best to you, Chris

      Chris Reid December 19, 2018

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